The Unruly Muse


Episode Summary

The Unruly duo takes a lark through the territories of Dreams, from psychic disturbances to desires deferred. Do dreams provide fertile ground for creativity? Do they recycle the present and past? Do they forecast the future? What can dreams do to us and for us?

Episode Notes

Teaser: Harriet Tubman (1820-1913), abolitionist and suffragist on Dreams.

Song 1: Just A Few of the Notes  (Paul J. Nickels & jvm)

Poem 1: “Earth’s Shadow” by Claudia Putnam from THE LAND OF STONE AND RIVER in press 2022 from Moon City Press.

Story: “Pueblo Luna” by Lynn C. Miller, forthcoming in the collection THE LOST ARCHIVE from the University of Wisconsin Press, 2023.

Feed the Cat Break music:  "Middle Ground” by David R. Merrill

Poem 2: “Radish Dreams” by Mikki Aronoff, published in bosque 9, 2019 Bosque Press.

Song 2:  Winters End   (David R. Merrill)  

Episode artwork by Lynda Miller 
Theme and Incidental Music by John V. Modaff 
Recorded in Albuquerque NM and Morehead KY. Produced at The Creek Studio, Morehead

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